I did One Thing

I saw someone pose a question on twitter recently, what have you done this year? My first response was ‘nothing’. I was mad at myself. I mean really woman?. Middle of the year already and nothing to show for it? No strides made, no changes, nothing? Then today, going through my notepad I found my... Continue Reading →


Judge me not

What does your support system look like? If you don’t have one, how do you deal with your demons?

After the commercial break..

I did not forget about this page. I couldn't. I've got a lot of drafts pending, each with a different title whose story I can not remember. Obviously flashes of thoughts from when I was trying to string along cohesive sentences, abandoned when I couldn't find the right word/phrase to go on. There's one that... Continue Reading →

It’s Christmas Again!

 '🎶Jingle bells, jingle bells, oh what fun it is to ride......🎶🎶.' First of all, If you've read any of my posts this year, thank you. I'm inconsistent and all over the place and your time is precious and you took a moment of your day to read through my nonsense :), so thank you.  How... Continue Reading →

Highway Tryst

  Zena was ready to move on from her office crush. They'd been circling each other awkwardly  since the team building and she was no longer interested in playing that game. She considered just going to Kip and asking him to move offices, but that wouldn't be fair. It wasn't entirely his fault, this nothingness... Continue Reading →

Life, Lemons and a Vibrator

You know that feeling when you feel like you deserve something but you didn't get it and you're sure the person that didn't give it to you was being totally unfair? When you have all this bile inside your stomach and it's threatening to rise out so you keep your mouth shut and grind your... Continue Reading →

Letter to My 13 year Old Self

Dear A, You're at that age where you were excited about finally becoming a teen and wanting to be treated like an adult but get upset if mom bought your younger brother  a toy and didn't get you anything. You'll be like this for a the rest of your life. No-one ever really gets over... Continue Reading →

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